It is fun to Imagine those that have lived in the past, whither you believe or not.  If they are here, they are friendly type of spirits that only add to the good times.


Ghostly Specter photographed on West Chimney August 14, 2005, known to appear frequently at dusk.

  1. What are ghost hunters saying About the Queen Anne House ?

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    Subject: interesting and beautiful place you should checkout

    I am requesting that you go and check the Queen Anne BNB in Harrison, AR. When I stayed there i had a feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder the whole time. I was always hearing different things, anything from knocking to foot steps. I had some very strange experiences while I was staying there.
    Thank You,


    Subject: Queen Anne Harrison Arkansas

    I am writing you about the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast in Harrison Arkansas, we stayed there in 2008 during the spring months. I never had been a believer in the paranormal, but I witnessed voices, seen objects moving with no one there, and even seen movement in the shadow form. I found your team on the web and thought it would be a great place for your team to check out.

    Katelynn Marvin


  7. A exert form a letter that came to the Queen Anne House  much latter after the current Innkeeper moved in from a previous Innkeeper. With experiences  that are latter confirmed by the unknowing  the current Innkeeper. This would be what is Known by Ghost Hunters as a residual Haunting.  

  8. By the way, some guest have heard children playing in the front yard, (and there was none) and we had a heavy rocker in the turret room and it has been moved, lights have been going off and on. One night I got up and asked them not to do that anymore and the lights stayed off. Yes the house is somewhat Haunted. Sometimes you get an erie feeling upstairs that someone is up there with you. We were never afraid or anything but it makes interesting conversation. One night my wife woke up and a man was sitting on a chair by the bed. As soon as he noticed her looking at him he disappeared. Our bedroom was downstairs near the bathroom.



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